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Neurological Treatment In Chennai, India | Neurospinal}

Monday, April 10th, 2017

Neurological Treatment in Chennai, India | Neurospinal



Varma is traditionally related to “neurons”


Learns about each varmam’s (weight focuses) attributes like area of the varmam, profundity and width of varmam, the weight with which the varmam must be tuned to cure maladies constitutes the standard study in varma treatment.

We could create varmam related wounds because of the accompanying reasons:

Lifting overwhelming burdens

Excessive joy

Excessive distress

Excessive rest


Engaging in battles

Giving birth to a tyke


The different systems that can be connected to cure varmam related wounds are:

1. Marukaalam

2. Thirumal Murai

3. Adangal Murai

4. Thiravukol Murai

5. Thadaval Murai [Applying knead techniques]

6. Marunthu Murai [Applying medicines]

7. Vayu Nilai Amarthal

8. Kattu Murai

Methods like Marukaalam and Thiravukol Murai are utilized for moment alleviation. Strategies like Thadaval Murai and Thirumal Murai ought to be done at any rate for three successive days to give alleviation from varmam related wounds.

Restoring of a Fainted Individual

In the event that an individual has swooned because of varmam assault, he or she first ought to be analyzed by a Varmaani (Varmam Doctor/Varmam Master/Varmam Asan). Varmaani ought to begin the diagnostics by watching the shade of cornea and the shade of the teeth of the patient. At that point varmaani checks the stream in Vata, Pita, and Kapha nadis. On the off chance that he is fulfilled by the streams in these nadis, varmaani ought to continue to the following stride in the treatment. Presently, varmaani ought to apply the Kavzhi Adangal ( Adangal – strategy in which weight focuses are tuned in particular example) to control blood stream, temperature and pranic stream in the patient’s body. At that point varmaani ought to apply Puzhimuthu Adangal to animate the Kalai Nerves (real nerves through which pranic vitality stream in the body). Right now, varmaani can see the patient beginning to recapture the awareness and tiredness being decreased. At that point on applying Nasiyam in patient’s nose or utilizing blowing methods as a part of patient’s nose or ears, the patient will totally recapture cognizance. At that point Thiravukozh (technique to open varmam) ought to be connected to discharge the influenced varmams.

Once the patient has attainted stable condition, varmaani ought to either enquire the patient about the mishap to know the zone in which patient was hit or ought to break down the stream of nadis to find the influenced district. At that point, varmaani ought to apply the correct Thadavazh Murai (rubbing procedures).

In view of the range in the body that was influenced, the varmaani ought to know the sicknesses that may emerge later on. Agreeing both inside prescription and outside solution ought to be endorsed. Such treatment ought to consider the varmams situated in nerves, muscles and bones.

Managing Fractures

Varmaani ought to know about bone structure and joints. At the point when a patient with bone crack methodologies him, first he ought to stop the wastage of blood by hindering the required nerves. He ought to then utilize the important cushions to alter veins and corridors and ought to put a legitimate dressing utilizing materials. The system in which the dressing is done shifts depending up on the area on the crack. To recuperate the crack, the dressing ought to permit way for legitimate air dissemination furthermore ought to have procurement to manage home grown oils to cure the injuries. The dressing ought to be uprooted and revamped for seven times and every time the dressing ought to be done in view of the present state of the bones. Furthermore, inside med ought to likewise be recommended to the patient.

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