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A Truck And An Unusual Gift}

Friday, March 31st, 2017

Submitted by: Kathy Austin

I am agriculturist and have farmland where mostly rice and wheat is grown. However, I have a passion of riding trucks. Most of my time is spent behind the wheel of the truck. Hence, I decided to go for a high quality and better truck instead of the second-hand that I have. So I decided to buy a Chevrolet Truck K model with a four wheel drive.

This selection was driven by factors like reliability, styling, performance, sturdy and comfort. One more factor was very important to select a Chevrolet, was that it has a good network of service stations even in my small town. This pricy buy gives me immense satisfaction. It helps in carrying all my farming products.

I am very selective about my keychain. In a showroom I saw that there is variety of Chevrolet Truck key chains. Some of them are metal oval, chrome circle, leather silver, leather gold etc. Each of these names has prefix of Chevy which is very catchy. The selection is tough as each of them looks trendy and elegant. Also each one seems equally appealing.

However, I decided to purchase leather silver key chain. It is very unique, durable and matches with brand image of Chevrolet truck. Also it comes with lifetime warranty against material and workmanship. It has company logo and name i.e. Chevy Truck mentioned on it. One can also personalize the product by engraving ones name at the back of metal part.

Let me take this opportunity to share a splendid experience of mine. During reap season, I took the vehicle on a long drive to the market place. I rented a room in a hotel to stay for the night. Unfortunately, I misplaced the keychain that I had bought. It was impossible to recollect where I had kept it. I scanned every possible corner but all my searching efforts went in vain. This added to my worry and I was very upset with myself.

I received a call in my hotel room from the reception. They first inquired about my vehicle and its model. Then I was informed that someone happened to find my key chain. I went to hotel lobby to meet the person and collect my key chain. This raised few questions in my mind and one of the prominent ones was how person could know that I am the owner of key chain. I asked him. He told me that when I checked in the hotel he saw the classic key chain in my hands and he remembered it.

According to him, it is rare to see such a design in a keychain in such small town place. It is rare possession which he had seen in some automotive magazine. I now realized that despite being a simple human being, I have a unique identity which can be identified by public. Also because of my name at back of key chain he could relate easily.

Now this key chain has became a lucky charm for me. I normally carry it even when on a walk.

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