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Melaleuca Reviews An Unbiased Look From Someone Who Didn’t Join}

Wednesday, April 5th, 2017

Melaleuca Reviews – An Unbiased Look From Someone Who Didn’t Join


Niamh Arthur

You have probably arrived on this page because you someone has introduced you to the Melaleuca business and you are interested in joining. In any business it is very important to truly understand what you will need to do to be a success before you start the business. I am not affiliated in any way with Melaleuca, nor will I talk about any other companies on this page. If you are doing your due diligence or even if you have already joined, the Melaleuca reviews below will help you understand what you need to do to be a Melaleuca success story.

Melaleuca Company Review

The company was founded in 1985. This shows longevity and stability in the business model. In 2008 it grossed just short of a billion dollars in sales, and has been growing steadily every year since it started. As MLM companies go, Melaleuca has a strong reputation and a decent track record which provides stability and confidence for their distributors. With a compensation plan based primarily in MLM however, it is often better to join when the company is new . A lot of your cusomers or prospects will have heard of Melaleuca before. However, affective marketing techniques will assist you in reaching a larger crowd.

Melaleuca Products Review

The Melaleuca products are really what give this company such staying power. Melaleuca’s products are geared toward health and eco-conscious people and provide a healthy alternative to usual household brands. This includes cleaners, makeup and skincare, soaps and toiletries, nutrition and vitamins, etc. I’m not a Melaleuca customer, but have used many of their products. On the whole, they are very good quality. The products focus on cutting down the use of harsh chemicals in the home, and many of them use tea tree oil as a major component. If you are health conscious and willing to pay a small amount more to have more environmentally friendly products around the house then these products may be for you. One of the most important components to your success in any MLM is actually loving and using your product. Before you join the company try using their products as a customer. If you enjoy them it may be a good business for you.

Review of the Melaleuca Compensation Plan

Melaleuca uses a 5×7 matrix for their compensation model. This means you have five places directly below you and can get paid down through 7 levels of your organization. This is fairly common in the network marketing industry, and can be lucrative. The only downside is, as with other companies, in order to qualify for your commission check you have to place a minimum order every month, and when you get to higher levels you have to place a large order. This is not a problem if you enjoy the products and keep a good cashflow for your business until you build your downline and organization up. With this type of organization the only way to make a decent income is to make a huge organization, so you must learn to market your business properly.

Review of Melaleuca Training

This is where Melaleuca lacks the most. With a strong focus on products the company has traditionally not been very helpful on marketing training. They have usually taught that you start with word-of-mouth marketing and introduce the business to your friends and family. But to really make money in this opportunity you have to go beyond friends and family as well as be able to train your distributors to do the same. Your training will differ based on your sponsor. But there is a simple way to get past this problem. You can market your business by learning proper internet marketing techniques from outside sources.


Melaleuca Reviews

should have given you a good idea if Melaleuca is the right business for you. To get free training in internet marketing for your business visit the

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Melaleuca Reviews – An Unbiased Look From Someone Who Didn’t Join