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Digital Marketing Agencies In Delhi}

Thursday, March 30th, 2017

Digital Marketing Agencies in Delhi


Slick Digital

Running a small business is not a piece of cake.

And the brave souls who have set sail in this highly troubled water, know this.

The amount of “stuff” you find yourself burdened with is staggering. Forms, applications, permits, and approvals pile up on your desk with no sight of release at the end of the tunnel.

When it comes to marketing; however, there is a way to ease your strain and create a small amount of breathing room.

Every business needs marketing, and you need the top digital agency in Delhi; there is just simply no way around it. No matter in what frequency you require marketing, you need it.

Since every business is different, they receive various marketing assistance. It is the duty of the digital marketing agency to discover the best solution for your particular business, which could be one or more of the following:

Identity Development

Website Design


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Search Marketing

Social Media Marketing


Email Marketing

As a business owner, you have to ask yourself: where can I spend my time the best?

An efficient and ample digital marketing strategy is planned out and performed promptly. It also demands multiple hours, both in preparation and accomplishment.

Its natural to think that it doesnt take much to handle your digital marketing, and in reality, it can be accomplished.

However, for it to be achieved effectively, you will have to put in a significant amount of time.

The time that you probably dont have.

How Is Digital Marketing For You?

As mentioned before, digital marketing agencies in Delhi are many, but it is difficult to find the best digital marketing agency in Delhi for your small business. After a marketing agency finds out what could best help your business, and thats what makes a company the best Digital marketing services company in Delhi.

Are you a new cafe looking to outrank the established places in Google’s search rankings? A digital marketing agency is what will help you get there.

A digital marketing agency serves you by catering expertise. The purpose is to allow an agency to offer their knowledge in their industry so that you can put your knowledge in your industry to use and render your service to people who need it.

Keep in mind; a digital marketing company stays in business by helping other businesses stay in business. If it didnt work, I wouldnt be sitting here in this office composing this blog post.

You Need Their Expertise

Humble businesses and marketing firms were made for each other. In the ever so abundant picture of digital marketing agencies in Delhi, Slick stands out as the Best Digital Agency in Delhi. Formulated on the pillars of fresh ideas, Slick has quickly turned into the leader when it comes to marketing agencies in Delhi.

Without the best digital marketing service in Delhi, many small businesses in Delhi would never have been able to reach the pedestal they have.

Let digital marketing be your secret weapon.

Slick Delhi

125A Second Floor Shahpurjat ,

New Delhi 110049


+91 9810058743

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Buenos Aires: Colonial History}

Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

Submitted by: Lance peters

When you visit Buenos Aires, you will quickly become aware of the beautiful colonial architecture in the city. Mostly the Spanish influence is seen, but you will also see buildings after the style of other European countries, especially Italy and France.

From its earliest days, Buenos Aires had the potential of an important port and trading outlet. Argentina traded the products of its rich agricultural pampas. However, Spain held a grip on all commerce in their South American colonies and required all trading to be redirected through Lima, Peru. Because of constant piracy threats against Spanish ships, armed escorts were required. These extra expenses meant a need for heavy taxation and lengthy delays.

The portentos of Buenos Aires felt a strong resentment about this. Smuggling and contraband was their reaction. The seeds of dissatisfaction were sown and the residents began to consider independence from Spain.

After the Battle of Porto Bello in Panama in 1739 the British victory against the Spanish defenders meant that Spain needed to find another port to trade on the Atlantic side of the continent. Buenos Aires benefited from this. In the late 1700s Charles III of Spain eased these restrictions and Buenos Aires became an open port.

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In 1806 and again in 1807 British forces sailed into the Rio de la Plata and tried to invade Buenos Aires, the first time successfully, if briefly. However, the local armies managed to repel them on each occasion.

During the Napoleonic wars, when the British and French were fighting on Spanish soil, the resolve of the citizens of Buenos Aires to secede from Spain led to a week of non violent demonstrations in the streets of the city. On May Revolution Day, the 25th May 1810 the Spanish Viceroy was overthrown and a provisional government was set up in his place.

This started the Argentinean War of Independence with royalists and revolutionaries fighting in different areas all over the country. In 1816 the Independence of Argentina from Spain was formalized.

The country of Argentina was still far from unified, with mixed ideologies and differences of opinion. A great deal of distrust was felt between the City of Buenos Aires and the rest of the country.

Shortly after the independence of Argentina, Buenos Aires sent army delegations to the Provinces to try and reach consensus, but this led to further clashes and even further raised tensions.

Even though freedom and prosperity now faced Argentina, it was still a long time coming. Right from the beginning, the more conservative Provinces of the country were at loggerheads, to the point of war, with the progressive ideas of the City of Buenos Aires. This has taken nearly two centuries to resolve.

To add to the troubles, there were still outsiders trying to get into the mix. In 1838 to 1840 and later in 1845 to 1848, there were further attacks by foreign powers. Firstly, by the French, and then later by the French and British in a joint attempt to blockade the city. But they were unsuccessful and eventually gave up.

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