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Key Concepts For Branding Your Business}

Thursday, January 19th, 2017

Submitted by: Road9 Media

Branding is the sum of the characteristics of a product or service as perceived by the user.The user perceives relevant unique added values which match their needs most closely. Success results from being able to sustain these added values in the face of competition.

Definition of ‘Brand’

Unique design, sign, symbol, words, or a combination of these, employed in creating an image that identifies a product and differentiates it from its competitors. Over time, this image becomes associated with a level of credibility, quality, and satisfaction in the consumer’s mind. Thus brands help harried consumers in crowded and complex marketplace, by standing for certain benefits and value. Legal name for a brand is trademark and, when it identifies or represents a firm, it is called a brand name

Target Audience

In marketing and advertising, a target audience is a specific group of people within the target market at which a product or the marketing message of a product is aimed at.It’s important to understand the meaning and the value of the brand for each target audience in order to develop an effective marketing mix.The value of the brand for a web-based company may have heightened importance due to the intangible nature of the web.

Simple steps to creating your Brand :

1. Determine Your Emotional Appeal

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For starters, think broadly about your personality and how it affects the experience someone will have with you. Are you insanely organized? Do people love working with you for your killer sense of humor?

Make a list of words that best describe these features of your personality. These words are known as emotional modifiers. Hint: They can be as simple as Disney’s “fun.

Questions to Consider:

How do I make people feel?

How do people benefit by working with me?

What words do others use to describe me?

2. Determine Your Description

Your next step is coming up with a descriptive modifier that brings clarity to the emotional modifier, identifying what or who your brand is for. In Disney’s case, it’s “family.” In Nike’s mantra, “authentic athletic performance,” “authentic” is the emotional appeal, while “athletic” tells you what the brand is for. As an individual, yours might be an industry (“healthcare” or “education”), or it might be a tangible skill (“creative” or “strategic”).

Questions to Consider:

What field or industry am I in (or do I want to be in)?

What are the words I would use to describe my work?

Who is my target audience?

How narration helps you in branding your business :

Branding is a very important process in your project, you have to work on customizing it depending on the environment and audience you are targeting whether locally or globally .

let’s speak locally and take Egypt as an example. For branding, a better platform is telling compelling stories and narratives about your business. this doesn’t mean that every web page has to tell a fairy tale or other bit of fiction. What I mean is that your brand is made up of a series of concepts or values (elegance, creativity, simplicity, etc.) and any other concepts that shall affect your egyptian audience. you can narrate about everything from your page layout, corporate stationary design , your logo design (egypt is country of many inspiring landscapes and history which can help you create impressive designs ) and reaching out to your font choice to your web copy and micro-interactive page elements are narrative tools with which you can tell stories that embody those concepts and values by showing them in action.

About the Author: Road9 Media is a media company that delivers Digital Media (Web solutions & Multimedia materials), Branding (Logo design & corporate identities) & Print Media (Advertisements & Publications). We work from Maadi, Cairo. Our focus is on meaningful quality and personal service against a competitive price. Our vision is ‘Investing in People’. One of our priorities is providing our people with training and a mentoring program to help them grow as professionals. We want to invest in a meaningful relationship with our customers in order to offer you good products and to help us to grow and constantly improve our standards. Because people are important to us. we use high ethical standards. To make this world a better place we start with ourselves. We play by the rules. Honesty and care for others are an essential part of how we work. We strive for excellence in our work and take pride in what we do. In our web designs, communication and usability come first. And of course we enjoy to add some beauty. To create usable and beautiful web design can be quite a challenge but we think it is worth the effort. Finally, we value God’s creation and therefore strive to make sustainable use of it. This is noticeable in our use of energy and materials. The hosting provider we most work with has a “green label”.


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Yiwu “Market Development” The Results Clearly

Saturday, October 29th, 2016

By Lanbo Jiang

“The market is open year” is the Yiwu municipal party committee set a theme of this year’s Festival for the work. After nearly six months time “outside to inside the expansion”, this work has achieved significant results. In the first half turnover of 22.271 billion yuan, Yiwu fair trade markets, an increase of 12.85%, with China Commodity City turnover of 15.688 billion yuan, an increase of 7.56% year on year.

August 12, 13, the State Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Finance Division, the Bureau and the Vice Minister of Commerce Chen Jian led on how to advance Yiwu market brand out the country, spurring small and medium enterprises to explore international market, Yiwu City, observe and investigate the problem to for Yiwu “marketing year” fully affirmed the work. “Market development” The main contents and results are:

Adjust the structure, expanding foreign trade. Weakness in the face of international market demand, Yiwu accelerate “buying National National goods sold goods” to “buy the world’s goods sell the world’s goods” market trade structure adjustment, re erected in the import trade platform. In the first half of this year, Yiwu Museum of imported goods has introduced 10 Hall of imported goods management entities, the total has 44 countries and regions, 2.3 million products displayed in the museum management, has become the largest distribution center for imported goods. Accelerate the expansion of overseas business services and trade channels, Mall Group in Germany and the Middle East has established trade relations agencies for overseas investment, exhibition and so on to continue to lay a solid foundation. Yiwu Fair in Dubai in June this year, show, 143 companies received a total turnover of 236 million yuan of the show.

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Build channels, develop domestic trade share. Yiwu market operators to encourage families “going out” and help them Yingde, Guangdong, Zhuhai, and Jilin, Changchun, China Commodity City in establishing a remote agent purchase and distribution point, initially covering the Pearl River Delta and Northeast distribution distribution network; Yiwu “The market is Miles” tour has organized activities in Nantong, Jiangsu, Heilongjiang, Hisashi, Guangxi Wuzhou, Shenzhen and Yiwu trade, business matching the five games, on site turnover of more than 1000 million, received over 1,000 orders for more than 80% of the participating enterprises in the Activities found in the regional agent.

By the service, and promote market transformation. Early Mall Group has also introduced buyer service centers, commodity codes, financial services, Promotion Center, International Trade City Training Center and the product quality and intellectual property control centers, multi angle all round services to the market. Among them, Buyer Service Center has received more than 10 million domestic and foreign businessmen, providing information consulting, ticketing, shopping guide and accommodation registration services, and would establish a database of information on tens of thousands of buyers to facilitate contact and understanding of the market operators households . Yiwu financial institutions, introduced in May last year, the right to use the commercial spaces as security for loans, by the end of June this year, has issued 6,300 total pen, lending 3.4 billion. Mall Group, a one time come up with more than 400 million yuan to build a successful online trading platform, China Commodity City’s official Web site to access the page volume and the total number of visits, respectively, reached 30 million and 5 million visits. In addition, Yiwu quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, industry and commerce departments will monitor down, in the watches and clocks, jewelry and toys business districts, the quality of goods and intellectual property regulation and export commodity inspection and quarantine areas by bit filing system; mall for each business group to provide property insurance, property management fees, waive the annual ones who enjoy a number of benefits by the policy, up until now has accumulated more than 4,000 million yuan profit concession.

The market to go up the right to speak. Yiwu index of influence expanded. In the first half of this year, the index monitoring the cycle of change and a half months period from January to complete the expansion of new industry classification standard information work, released a total of nine climate index, price index for 27 weeks, accumulated through business’s site, Xinhua News Agency and other media products released price trends and other information to run more than 2000 (articles) of; edited and published “index of information magazine” 6, has been identified as the province Provincial Policy Research key economic indicators for monitoring the content, the user has developed to the United States, Japan, Canada, more than 10 countries and regions. To establish trends publishing platform, has successfully held the bags, toys, cosmetics, fashion trends such as new conference cum guide the market to technology research and development, new product releases and fashion center.

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