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Healthy Hair Is A Plus Here Is How You Get It!

Monday, January 23rd, 2017

By Megan Stansfield

Most women would tell you that the look of their hair is top on their minds and most will tell you that they don’t mind spending a decent amount to keep a great looking head of hair but none ever really discuss the health of their hair when it comes to their hair stylist. Instead they use a shampoo recommended by the stylist and then they take it home, use it every day and yes it does make a difference in how the hair looks, but does it really make a difference in how healthy your hair is. Is it growing healthy from the root? There are tell tale signs and these signs should be ignored.

For example: Dry hair can be a sign of too much heat on the hair but it can also be a sign of lack of nutrition that is reaching the hair follicle. This lack of nutrition can cause a host of hair problems including thinning hair, flyaway hair and even hair loss when the lack of nutrition in the hair is not addressed properly. So what is the best way to get your hair healthy.

Use products that don’t just focus on the hair but also focus on the root of the hair. Certain vitamins and proteins are what causes hair to grow healthy and keep hair full of vitality. Hair is made up of different kinds of proteins and these proteins are made up of amino acids. This is why you are often told to use a protein shampoo if you color treat your hair. These proteins help to replace the voids in the hair. This means that the moisture loss is prevented and dry hair caused by protein breakdown can be prevented. But more importantly if the hair is loaded with the proper protein strands then it can and will stay healthier when certain procedures are performed on the hair. Vitamins such as b vitamins, amino acids and minerals are the key vitamins for your hair. So how can you get the most for your hair. First of all you can make sure that the shampoos and conditioners that you use are loaded with the vitamins and minerals as well as amino acids that are good for the hair. Vitamin Shampoo by Healthy Hair Plus is loaded with all of the above. But you can and should also check your diet to make sure that it is providing your body with enriched nutrients. But if you are like most people you will find that even if you try you will fall short of the essential nutrients that you hair needs to be healthy. This means that you should supplement with a good hair vitamin. Hair Nutrition and Hair Energizer are both excellent hair vitamins and contain the amino acids as well as the b group of vitamins that your hair needs to build those healthy protein strands.

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But what about if you have thinning hair or even hair loss? What should you do? The answer is give your hair what it needs and remove what it doesn’t need. Products like deep cleansing shampoos work well to help remove the hormone that causes hair loss. Dht can cause hair in both men and women to shrink over time and thin out. Follicleanse deep cleansing shampoo will help to remove the build up on the hair follicle that causes this thinning. Products like hormone blockers can be applied topically to the scalp and stimulators can be massaged gently into the scalp to get hair growing as it should. Don’t give up. Instead give it your best fight when it comes to your hair and start by using products that also make your hair and scalp healthier!

Most beauty products on beautify and never do anything to make sure that you are actually healthier or better because of it!

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