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Isolator Workzone Barrier}

Thursday, December 8th, 2016

Isolator Workzone Barrier



Workzone barriers are a specific range of temporary roadside safety barriers designed to be erected and dismantled quickly and prevent vehicular access into construction or maintenance workzones.

The Isolator Workzone barrier is the latest innovation in concrete workzone barriers providing superior design, rapid installation and driver confidence.

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Isolators ability to limit deflection makes it ideal for situations where fixed objects or other roadside hazards are located within close proximity to the barrier. This makes Isolator ideal for narrow corridors on high volume roadways where positive traffic separation is required with limited space available to accommodate the deflection of the safety barrier.

Traditional concrete workzone barriers are bolted or pinned together. Bolting of barriers requires hardware and can be time consuming leaving assembly crews exposed to traffic for longer periods of time.

The Isolator has identical ends and does not require any pins, connection plates or bolts. The simplified Isolator connection reduces the possibility of faulty connections due to loose hardware that may have been vandalised, damaged or omitted. This allows the Isolator to be rapidly deployed and eliminates the risks associated with traditional concrete barriers.

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Isolator Workzone Barrier }