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My First And Last Drunk Driving Experience}

Tuesday, January 10th, 2017

Submitted by: Geo Clark

Growing up I did my best to avoid alcoholic beverages. I didnt even want to try them at all. As as Senior in high school I was forced to drink a whole bottle of beer. I just got sick. I felt terrible for the rest of the day. So what happens next? I go to college on military post where you can drink when you are 18.

Dont get me wrong, to this day I do not like the taste of beer. I can drink one after cutting the lawn on a hot day. That is about it. In school, a lot of our weekends were spent drinking beer the first few hours. Then , we would go find out where the action was. There were many Saturdays with not a whole lot going on. As each year passed, we got more privileges and traveled more. It was the road trips that would get me in trouble.

On this particular trip, we left the home Artillery, Fort Sill, Oklahoma, to go to big city Oklahoma which was Oklahoma City. There were about five of us on this trip. We were meeting up with the ladies in Oklahoma. When we got there, we went to a college bar. As per norm, people knew we were in the military. No one challenged us at first. They waited until we had started drinking. It was a mixed drink night for us. I tended to like mixed drinks if made well because they did not taste alcoholic. The alcohol would hit about 30 minutes after I finished the first drink. By then, I had already finished my second drink.

Understand that back then I weighed about 120 pounds wet. It did not take a lot of alcohol to get me going. Right after I started to get a little dizzy with drink, a few of the locals came over to introduce themselves. They all had cowboy hats on. I left mine at home. One of our guys was prepped to fight so we were ready to fight. On bright side, it amounted to nothing. When you have been drinking, three guys to fight look like twelve. Some of them just look like each other.

They did not play any music there that I could dance to. Other people danced. At about 1 AM, I was feeling the full effect of my drinks. I had a calm feeling and felt that I was in complete control of mind and body. It was time to head to our next destination and I thought I could drive. So, I did. When, you are driving with even a little bit of alcohol in you, your subconscious warns you about what could happen if you get pulled over by the police.

Here I am driving just trying to not miss any turns back to our hotel. I pulled over once into a gas station parking lot just to get my bearings and maybe a kiss from the girl I was with. That just served as a reminder to get off the road. We made it back to our hotel. From what I remember, I was driving okay. Okay, I was driving a little slower than the speed limit. That is another way to get pulled over. Curiosity follows those that drive slow. I was not bothered on that night.

I have not driven drunk since then. I have walked drunk. I have fallen down drunk. I have watched football drunk. Now, I rarely drink at all. I also have a built in designated driver in the house. If I have a drink, I have a ride. Dont take the chance. You only have to get pulled over once or have an accident happen to change your life.

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