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The First Two Tricks To Teach Your Puppy}

Sunday, January 15th, 2017

Submitted by: Will Cline

Sit and come are the two most important commands you could teach a puppy. Sit is necessary for so many other commands, and come could literally save your puppies life. If you want to start getting into training your puppy, than here’s your start, right after you read this article I suggest that all of you go teach your puppy to sit and come.

Sit is one of the four primary commands: sit, stay, come, and heel. Of these four it clearly the most simple and easiest. It will probably be the first trick you teach. This trick is necessary to learn other tricks like down, shake, and roll over. It also is the first step you should take in training your puppy. Without this command, you are stuck, To train your dog to sit, all you are going to need is treats that your puppy likes. If you do, than you can get started. First, cup a treat in your hand and make sure your dog knows you have it. Wave it around it’s snout until the dogs head starts following your hand. Once you are in control, guide the dogs head backwards and up until the dog is forced into a sitting position. Note: when you are guiding the dog into the sit position, never push the dog into it yourself. If you do this, than the dog is not actually learning anything because you are doing all the work. When the dog sits: say sit, praise it (Good girl! / Good boy!), and give it the treat. Practice this until your puppy can do it without a treat for reward.

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Come is one of the four basic commands: sit, stay, come, and heel. It is, with no doubt, the most important command to teach your puppy. This command will be useful in daily life like when you want your dog to come eat. If your puppy does not know the come command, than even simple things like taking him out to go potty can be big ordeals. For this trick you will need lots of treats, than you are ready. To begin gain your puppy’s attention and get somewhere near him. Now, say come and give him a treat. Do this many times repeatedly until your dog understands that when you say come, he gets rewarded. Once your puppy has mastered step one, try saying come when you don’t have your puppy’s attention and you are at a slightly longer distance. If he looks and comes at you, give him a treat. After your puppy masters step two, you are ready to try come on a full scale. You can test it by calling come to your dog when he is distracted in different situations. Make sure when ever you call come, it is for something good. For example: Don’t call your puppy to give him a bath because dogs hate baths. Do call your puppy to take him out to play. If you don’t associate come with good things, why would your puppy want to come?

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