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7 Critical Steps To Make Millions Online Using Your Laptop!

Sunday, January 22nd, 2017

Submitted by: B Bortey

The concept of starting an Online Laptop Business to make millions of cash either Full time or Part-time is catching the attention of most people in the west.

This type of flexible business opportunity the Internet offers Laptop entrepreneurs today is something that was unheard of 15 years ago and the smart ones are jumping to the idea and making millions in easy ways they could hardly believe themselves.

Moreover, the global credit crunch and the unreliability of present day employment, the hassle one gets from rush hour commuting to workplace and the desire to spend more time with family are contributory factors towards this urge to start an Online Laptop Millionaire business.

Step 1- Get that Special Feeling:

The first, and most important step towards SUCCESS is the feeling that you can SUCCEED Nelson Boswell.

See yourself living the life of abundance and be consciously determined to achieve the millionaire lifestyle.

Yes, start getting that special feeling of being a Successful Laptop Entrepreneur online. Motivate yourself and start believing the dream yourself. Ask yourself If others have had huge success in this business, why can t I?

Step 2- Prepare your Game Plan:

Once you have made a decision to start an Online Laptop Business, prepare your Business Plan first and foremost. Look at how much cash you want to achieve both short-term and long-term. You must have your goal. How you intend to achieve it. The products you would like to sell or promote.

This business does not demand much money like brick and mortar business, but you ll need to invest a small sum to get started. You ll therefore need to allocate some money towards your investment.

Sources for funds could be family members, friends, your bank, credit card company or own funds.

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There are so many products/ services you can opt to provide online from your bedroom, using your laptop, but most Laptop millionaires made their millions through selling online and that is the route I would suggest you take.

Step 3- Choose your Product:

You can sell your own product which is the quickest and easiest way to make ship load of cash from home, however starting off as an Affiliate is often the best route for new Online Business entrepreneurs without a product to offer their intended market.

There are several profitable Affiliate Programs from very successful marketers you can successfully promote., Strong Future International, Commission Junction, Link Share, Clickbank and ClixGalore are some of the prominent sources you could consider. They provide a whole range of Affiliate Programs for you to choose from.

You always need to do some market research. That is important; to make sure your choice of product is one that your niche market is hungry for i.e. a product that does something specifically your customers badly need.

Get your choice of products right and you ll be surprise how quickly you ll surpass your objective of making a million online using your laptop!

There are many online entrepreneurs making $10,000+ a week using this method and they are not hard to find.

Step 4- Do your research on your Domain Name, Website and Web Hosting:

Your website and opt-in pages are your shop-front where you will showcase your product or service content and benefits, to the entire world online.

You ll therefore need to ensure that your domain name is optimised, (reflect the product/ services on offer, for online search purposes).

In so doing, your product will feature in the search results of most searches customers do for your type of product/ service.

If you do not have the technical skills to create your own website, I will advise you to get professional help. There are now a lot of web design companies doing a marvellous job for cheap.

Some of these companies even help you to create your domain name, and also select a web hosting company for you. It is all about getting noticed by customers looking for your type of product/service on offer.

Step 5- Stay in your Full-time Job until fully established:

Like any learning process, there is always a learning curve so Wait a minute if you have decided to give your employer a sack. Do not leave your employer until you have enough money to sustain yourself.

The rate at which you rake in quick cash depends on your understanding of the internet marketing method you opted for. You will also achieve millions of cash by simply repeating and expanding on the process you had learnt that had enabled you to sell for your first dollar.

This therefore is a gradual process, though the time-scale to making a million dollar in this laptop business is dependent on individual effort. For some, first million dollar is achieved within one year. Others take two to three years to become millionaires.

Step 6- Have a Passion to learn new things:

Though online marketing has been for over 15 years, for some of us it is relatively new phenomena. Success is dependent on your willingness to learn new marketing methods. You should also have the passion to explore and test new marketing ideas.

So if you want to be successful in your online laptop business endeavour, you must be dedicated and focused on your business quest. Self-motivation is the word.

Keeping up with new marketing ideas taking place online is vital both for your survival and success. You can do this by constantly updating yourself with new online courses, webinars and seminars. Online research is equally important.

Having online marketing knowledge also elevates you to a position of authority and boosts your image online in your specialist area. This increases the number of followers you get as your list and subsequently increase your profit margin.

Step 7- You will need to promote your online business:

You can t achieve marketing success without promoting your online business however good your product/ service. Once your website for your laptop business is up and running, your next task is to make your presence known to the internet world.

As you create your website, you need to ensure its content and headlines are well optimized. You then have to submit it to the Search Engines and Directories.

You will also have to do link building, write related articles and submit them to article directories, all to help start generating traffic to your site.

Building opt-in lists and advertising your internet business will start bringing in additional traffic and sales for your business, boosting your profit.

These steps if followed with dedication and perseverance will enable you to not only achieve success but also to reach your goal of becoming a Successful Internet-based laptop Millionaire.

About the Author: Benjamin Bortey, CEO of BortSolutions company, is an author and consultant with great focus in Internet Marketing. His business, BortSolutions, is an Internet Marketing consulting company that showcases easy, and effective strategies and tips about Online Marketing. The information contained in this report is good not only for Online Marketing entrepreneurs but including people at home and fulltime workers who want to have a part-time job with their laptops.BortSolutions’ fascinating information about make money online can be found at

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