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Promotional Golf Gifts For Corporate Events}

Saturday, March 4th, 2017

Promotional Golf Gifts for Corporate Events


The corporate lifestyle. – It can be a little maddening and hectic if you let it. No wonder the sport of golf is so popular in corporate circles. Whether man or woman, it does not matter. The golfing bug can bite anyone, who has ever worked for a company.

In fact, there are two types of people in this world: the addicted and the yet-to-be-addicted-but-will-be-if-they-ever-play-a-game.

After all, it is a relaxing sport that also demands skill while allowing you to enjoy the outdoors, friendly competition, and the relationships of your co-workers. It is a great form of exercise, a terrific way to spend your weekends, and an excellent way to promote morale for your company, whether from within or without.

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Here are four promotional golf gifts for the Tiger Woods in us all!

Golf Trophies

Give your contestants something to play for with a wide variety of classy, elegant trophies that celebrate performance. Crafted from the finest glass and marble materials and offered in a diverse selection of shapes and sizes, golf trophies are a great way to boost participation in an event and motivate the contestants to shoot for a lot better than par. Besides, who wouldn’t like bragging rights over the rest of the pack? Quality golf trophies are the only authority your contestants will ever need for future boasting.

Golf Plates and Plaques

Their standalone design makes golf plates and plaques one of the best promotional golf gifts that you can purchase for your corporate event. This added mobility means golf plates and plaques are easy to relocate and set up for display, plus they are beautiful in craftsmanship and superior in design. They are for golfers by golfers. Excellent for participation awards or secondary prizes, they give their recipients something to be proud of, and encourage further participation in the sport.

Beer Mugs

One of the best ways to celebrate a corporate golfing event is with a promotional beer mug. Allow your guests to get out of the heat and enjoy a cold one with a glass beer mug bearing your company logo. Available in a number of beautiful designs, beer mugs are affordable ways to show your appreciation to everyone who either attended or participated, making your event a success!

Golf Shoe Bags

For the avid golfing enthusiast, or the soon-to-be, give the great gift of golf shoe bags. If all elegance is what you wish to communicate, select one of the classy leather shoe bags that are great for housing not only shoes but also personal accessories. For a more workman look, you might choose the canvas look with leather trim. Either way, golf shoe bags will come in handy at the next tournament or trip to the clubhouse.

Once you have had a taste of the golfing lifestyle, you will want to come back to it again and again for both friendly competition and relaxing recreation. Guests of corporate events that embrace golfing usually end up embracing the companies that host them. Make your name a household word where it counts with promotional golf gifts that your guests will instantly recognize for years to come.

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Promotional Golf Gifts for Corporate Events