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Why You Should Buy A Sony Icf Cd3 Ip Alarm Clock Radio

Wednesday, October 19th, 2016

By Sean Goudeloc

If you are one of those people who just has to wake up to the sound of music, the Sony ICF-CD3IP alarm clock radio is an essential purchase. Here are some of the features of the ICF CD3IP:

– The clock radio features a dock where you can park your iPhone or iPod and use the music stored in the memory as your alarm. The dock is also a charger that charges the battery of your iPhone or iPod so that you never have to worry that your battery will die on you.

– You can also use other digital music players by connecting them to the ICF-CD3IP with the provided line-in jack and audio connecting cable.

– The ICF-CD3IP also features a CD player that allows you the option of waking up to your favorite artist.

– If you want to hear the news first thing in the morning, the ICF-CD3IP has an AM/FM tuner with 30 presets (20 FM and 10 AM) so you can get to your favorite stations instantly without having to search for them by twirling the tuning dial.

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– The Dual Alarm allows you to set the Sleep Timer with 2, 5 and 7 day settings.

– The clock face features a large LCD display so you can easily read the time, even first thing in the morning when you’re still sleepy.

– The ICF-CD3IP also comes with a remote control so that if you’re using it as a music player, you can easily access its features from across the room.

– If you don’t want to use music as an alarm, the alarm clock also has a buzzer that you can use to wake you up. And if the alarm was set for the radio/CD/MP3 player and there is a power outrage, the buzzer will sound instead. The alarm clock uses a standard 120 volt power outlet with backup power provided by a Sony Lithium battery. The backup power also maintains the settings of the clock in case of power interruptions. The default setting of the clock is Eastern Standard Time.

– The built-in calendar of the clock automatically adjusts the clock settings for time changes when Daylight Savings Time is implemented in the spring and fall, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to adjust your alarm.

– The unit also comes with stereo speakers to provide you with an enjoyable listening experience.

– You can set the alarm to just the right volume in order to avoid unpleasant blasts of sound. Wake up to just the level of sound that you feel comfortable with.

– It is extremely light and easy to carry around. It measures 6′ by 5.7′ by 4.6′ and weighs just 2.8 lbs.

The major disadvantage of the ICF-CD3IP is that it may not be loud enough to wake up deep sleepers or the hearing impaired. However, if you are a normal sleeper who simply wants to wake up to music or their favorite news program in the mornings, then the Sony ICF-CD3IP alarm clock radio is for you.

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